"Unforgettable true life stories of ordinary Americans facing conflict head-on and elevating the human spirit in the process." 

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Fred Ashman

Just An American is a dramatic film, revealing a powerful view of American life, told through a tapestry of four compelling true stories about ordinary people, immigrants and native born, who must overcome great obstacles in order to capture their own American Dream.  Set against a backdrop of spectacularly beautiful cinematography from Boston to Hawaii, the stories are tied together into a unique film which audiences most often describe as “highly emotional, powerful, very inspiring.

A must see movie.”           102 minutes  rated PGType your paragraph here.

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What others say…

"It'll make you feel good about being an American. Take your kids" -
Rotten Tomatoes

"It's about time somebody stepped up and showed us how great it is to be living in a land where freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness reign supreme."- 
Kansas City Star

There may be hope for us after all" A film unafraid to claim optimism as viable in modern U.S. life"- 
NC Times San Diego


"There's a sincere appreciation for the diversity that makes up our country. In a series of stories inspired by ture events, the film pays tribute to the hard work of immigrants and minorities, and champions racial and religious tolerance."- 
KPBS Reviews

“This drama, made in the current day, manages to capture something of the innocence I used to know over half a century ago.  There was no hype, no syrupy coating, just down-home telling from the heart.”  
“Several times I felt tears welling up.”
-Film Commentaries, Teleos Institute